Engaging’ students with education: promoting inclusivity through technology: Phase 2 (version 2 plus wider dissemination)

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This project offers an innovative approach in alternative education provision by implementing and evaluating a digital Student Passport (e-Passport) used by the Northampton Saints Foundation (NSF) in their ENGAGE programme. The ENGAGE programme works with students aged between 10-16 to increase confidence and boost self-esteem. Following our successful pilot with one ‘hub’ in summer 2022 which trialled Padlet as a digital version of the Student Passport and evaluated its effectiveness in terms of student engagement, monitoring and evaluating progress. Phase 2 would see version 2 of the e-Passport deployed to all franchisees and the relationship between the NSF and UON strengthened.
Effective start/end date9/09/2230/06/23


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