Children in care and their use of mobile devices and the internet for contact

Jenny Simpson

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The use of mobile devices and the internet are a normal part of everyday life for children and young people, including those in care.
A balanced view of use of devices and the internet by children and young people in care is to appreciate both opportunities and risks associated with use.
There are a number of factors known to increase the vulnerability of children and young people online. However, in considering vulnerability online, this should be done holistically, taking account of a child or young person’s life in general at a given time, and with awareness of both protective and risk factors.
There is a need for practitioners to move towards a more expansive and child-centred approach with a focus on relationships. This should encompass an appreciation of stepfamily and biological family, and the maintenance of relationships with a wider variety of individuals that reflect the world of the child or young person in care.


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