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This body of work entitled Joyride culminates in a 104- page comic published by Breakdown Press, a specialist comics publisher based in London. Joyride is a story of a woman who leaves a party via a car which she accidently crashes leaving her stranded in the woods. It was printed using a Risograph process at Hato Press, London.

Joyride is a series of 99 drawings that tell a visual story. The aim of this practice-research is to tell a graphic story in which the resonances of the individual images distract from and override the plot. This method was used as a way of obstructing the linear narrative of a story to open up the meaning of the plot and images for further interpretations.

In Joyride I intentionally explore fluid, ambivalent and unfixed approaches to image making and drawing. I have utilised what I see as the potentially disruptive power of the ‘awkward’ image and the sense of possibility for multiple interpretations offered by the ‘unfinished’ image. I think a degree of amateurishness can help ‘un-fix’ an image, making the viewer seem uncertain of its status as an artwork or a professional illustration.

This body of work provides a record of the production methods and techniques of drawing used to develop the final comic book.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLondon
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2017


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  • Royal College of Art

    Zoe Taylor (Visiting researcher)

    25 Jun 2015

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