We are not alone#1 (Window Posters)

Andy Hewitt, Mel Jordan, James Smith (Designer)

Research output: Non-Textual OutputArtefact


For the project ‘Joined forces, mutual aid: Journal of Visual Culture & Harun Farocki Institut’ Partisan Social Club produced the artwork ‘We are not alone#1(Window Posters)’. Joined forces, mutual aid was a response by both organizations to the pandemic, inviting artists, writers and cultural workers to produce responses, commentaries, dispatches or readings on and of the visual production (and related issues) of the coronavirus crisis. We are not alone#1(Window Posters) are a series of posters by the Partisan Social Club (PSC). We have invented new collective nouns for the people that will be most valuable to us all in a new world order. We are not alone, celebrates those that act for the collective good; and presents those that help others as most valuable to society. We are not alone, attempts to overturn the primary way in which value is attributed, demonstrating that economic worth is overrated. The window posters that we produced for the collaboration between the Harun Farocki Institut and Journal of Visual Culture, focus on inventing collective nouns for our key workers during COVID-19. You can print, colour in and place our poster in your window. A collective noun is a collection of things taken as a whole. Collective nouns are associated with animal groups and are sometimes used to describe a job or a profession; for example, a memory of elephants, or a hastiness of cooks. As well as COVID-19 specific collective nouns, we are working on new collective nouns for groupings of people who resist the dominant political regime. Negative titling and naming can deride a political cause or activity so we have allocated collective nouns to political publics to communicate positive attributes; for example, a palace of trespassers or a harmony of whistle –blowers. As we devise new collective nouns for these groups we affirm their role as positive actors in the development of democracy. By rethinking the collective names in which we refer to the politically active individuals amongst us we convert their resistance into positive citizenship, reminding us that the victories of protest are incorporated into our everyday lives; votes for women, the right to roam and better working conditions are the results of people standing up for the collective good.
Original languageEnglish
Place of Publicationhttps://www.harun-farocki-institut.org/en/2020/05/16/we-are-not-alone-the-partisan-social-club-new-collective-nouns-journal-of-visual-culture-hafi-21/
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - 16 May 2020


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