'Engaging' students with education: promoting inclusivity through technology

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'Engage' offers an innovative approach in alternative education provision from the Northampton Saints Foundation (NSF), which works with students aged 10-18 to increase confidence and self-esteem. Padlet was trialled as a digital passport, to address the young people's dislike of committing their feelings and emotions to paper. By digitising the passport, barriers to engagement were removed, providing multimodal expressions of thoughts and feelings. Version 2, co-designed with NSF staff, will evaluate the digital artefacts and learning behaviours of the young people to support their next steps in education or work in line with the University of Northampton's social outreach agenda.

Shaping the future of inclusive teaching

This session will take the form of an oral presentation, sharing the findings of our research project, looking at how we are using Padlet to shape the future of inclusive teaching. The University of Northampton uses Padlet as part of its active digital education pedagogical approach. Active Digital Education (ADE) is a pedagogical approach to designing and teaching using digital tools. This concept has been developed at the University of Northampton to complement their pedagogical approach of Active Blended Learning (ABL). The ADE approach recognises that digital tools can be harnessed to facilitate the co-construction of knowledge through technology-enabled exchanges of ideas. Such active co-creation has the potential to build employability skills consistent with the transformative ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals, most notably number 4, Quality Education. It engages individuals in knowledge construction, reflection and critique, the development of learner autonomy and the achievement of learning outcomes using digital tools.

The session will involve the audience through exploration of our Padlets and engaging with our work through synchronous activities that explore some of the functionality of Padlet.

Padlet as a learning and teaching tool offers a range of opportunities for expressing learning, co-creation between students and staff and the building of shared digital artefacts that can be used synchronously and asynchronously for learning. This session would benefit individuals who are looking at ways of engaging with learners that are across time zones and locations as well as those colleagues who have a diverse set of learners, for example students with diagnosed learning needs, neurodiversity and students identified as needing support with access and participation.
Period4 Jul 20236 Jul 2023
Event titleAdvance HE Teaching and Learning Conference 2023: Shaping the future of HE
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