Parent Education Training programmes

  • David Preece (Principal Investigator)

Impact: Public policy impacts, Quality of life impacts, Social impacts, 03: Good Health and Well-Being (UN SDG), 04: Quality Education (UN SDG), 10: Reduced Inequalities (UN SDG)

Description of impact

Equity and Social Inclusion through Positive Parenting (ESIPP) was developed to improve the skills, knowledge and understanding of parents of children on the autism spectrum in Croatia, Greece and the FYR of Macedonia through the development and provision of parent education (PE).

The ESIPP partnership has worked tirelessly in order to ensure the continuation of parent training in the Croatia, Cyprus and the FYR of Macedonia, bringing about a significant change in national practice. Partners have worked (and continue to work) with local policy- and decision-makers, national agencies, schools and educational institutions to ensure PE continues within these countries.

Croatia: PE will be provided by both Croatian partner organizations (CZA and ERF) as part of their services for families of children with autism. The CZA in Zagreb and Rijeka will now provide parent training to families of children who attend these schools. To make training more widely available, the organisation has applied for external verification by the Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency. When approval is given, trainers from the CZA will offer PE to families more widely, as well as to professionals. The CZA’s director is seeking to obtain regular funding to support the delivery of PE from the Ministry of Science and Education.

The Centre for Rehabilitation within the ERF will provide PE in autism as a part of its clinical services. Croatian team members are currently determining pricing for families and professionals. Further professionals from the CZA/ERF will be trained to further capacity within Croatia.

Cyprus: PE will continue to be provided on Cyprus by AASP. AASP has submitted proposals to a number of institutions/organisations to undertake training within them. The Ministry of Education and Culture has funded AASP to present the ESIPP programme in 3 locations in September 2018. AASP will offer ESIPP PE workshops 4 x per year, at different sites across Cyprus, as part of its suite of services. AASP will also work to increase contact/ engagement with non-Greek-speaking parents in Cyprus by offering training in a wider range of languages.

FYR of Macedonia: PE will continue to be provided in the FYR of Macedonia. Further local trainers will be trained to deliver PE. PE will continue to be provided by MSSA. Local trainers will continue to identify and secure any possible funding from local and national government agencies, businesses or charitable organisations.


Parents of children with autism; children with autism; educators working with autism; policy makers

How have research outputs led to this impact?

The research articluates the need for Parent Education training programmes in relation to children with autism in Eastern Europe. It also outlines the training programmes developed as part of the research.
Impact statusOngoing
Impact date8 Jan 2015
Category of impactPublic policy impacts, Quality of life impacts, Social impacts, 03: Good Health and Well-Being (UN SDG), 04: Quality Education (UN SDG), 10: Reduced Inequalities (UN SDG)
Impact levelMid Stage Impact