Colin Jordan and Britain's Neo-Nazi Movement: Hitler's Echo

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Colin Jordan and Britain's Neo-Nazi Movement casts fresh light on one of post-war Britain's most notorious fascists, using him to examine the contemporary history of the extreme right. The book explores the wide range of neo-Nazi groups that Colin Jordan led, contributed to and inspired throughout his time as Britain's foremost promoter of Nazi ideology.

In a period stretching from the close of the Second World War right up to the 2000s, Colin Jordan became politically engaged with a multitude of Nazi-inspired extremist groups, either as leader or as a key protagonist. Moreover, Jordan also developed critical relationships with larger, competitor extreme-right organisations and parties, including the Mosley's Union Movement, the National Front and the most recent incarnation of the British National Party. He fostered a number of transnational links throughout his years of activism as well, especially with American neo-Nazis. In recent years, his writings and somewhat idealised profile have been adopted by more contemporary extremist organisations, such as the British People's Party and a rekindled British Movement, who look to Jordan as an inspirational figure for their own reconfigurations of a National Socialist agenda.

By examining this history, drawing on a wide range of fresh primary sources, Colin Jordan and Britain's Neo-Nazi Movement offers a new analysis on the nature and workings of Nazi-inspired political extremism in post-war Britain. It is an important study for anyone interested in the history of fascism, extreme ideologies and the political and social history of Britain since the Second World War.

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PublisherBloomsbury Publishing PLC
Number of pages304
ISBN (Print)9781472509314
Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2017


  • Neo-nazi
  • fascism
  • far right
  • extremism


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