Developing research and evaluation opportunities through partnerships Toolkit

Declan Ryan*, Jack Hardwicke, Brett A. Baxter, Tracy La Penna, Alexander Lehner, Sindy Banga, Tracey Redwood, Anthony Baross, Jacqueline Parkes, John Horton, Tony Kay, Bien Kayij, Peter Jones

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Book/ReportTechnical Report


Our health and care needs are changing with a growing population across Northamptonshire. People are living to older ages with more complex and long-term illnesses, which means there is growing demand for local health and care services.

In the past, barriers and gaps between different parts of health and care have resulted in disjointed experiences and outcomes for the people who use them. Using health and care services often means many appointments with different people in different places.

So, by creating the new Northamptonshire Integrated Care Partnership (ICP), local organisations can work together more closely to collectively improve the health of local people.

To help align partner ambitions, the Integrated Care Northamptonshire (ICN) is excited to share a 10-year strategy to support people in Northamptonshire to ‘Live Your Best Life’.

This strategy has been developed together by NHS providers, local councils, voluntary and community organisations and other partners, with a focus on enabling residents to benefit from equitable opportunities to live their best life, whoever they are and wherever they live in the county.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Northampton
Number of pages55
Publication statusPublished - 12 May 2023


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