Alcohol consumption within on-campus contexts: a UK pilot study (Presented at the Federal Government of Berlin)

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Alcohol misuse is a pressing area of public health concern, particularly for young adults who are most at risk of alcohol-related harm. More than half of young people now attend university and a key part of this transition in a student’s life involves alcohol-related recreational activities. In the UK, on-campus alcogenic environments (e.g. University and union venues, shops, residential halls) are some of the main locations in which young people can access alcohol. While these contexts are important for young people, both in terms of the physical and social action opportunities that they afford them, a growing number of research studies have associated features of these environments with problematic alcohol-related behaviour. For example, increased consumption and harm has been associated with certain types of events, promotions, crowding, noise levels and other functional features. A marked increased in pre-loading behaviour also suggests that many individuals are intoxicated before entering premises, which complicates premise management. The clustering of on and off-licensed premises with residential properties makes university campuses unique, but also problematic in terms of alcohol-related issues. Additionally, while universities are dedicated to improving the student experience by running enjoyable and sustainable events, they have an ongoing duty of care for their students. As on-campus contexts provide an important opportunity to understand drinking behaviour, this study combines findings from different on-campus contexts in order to understand on-campus consumption. Preliminary findings, including features identified as potentially aggravating problematic alcohol-related behaviour will be identified, alongside challenges and implications for future work.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 31 Oct 2016


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